• The Significance of Vesak – Buddha Day

    The significance of Vesak lies with the Buddha and his universal peace message to mankind. As we recall the Buddha and his Enlightenment, we are immediately reminded of the unique and most profound knowledge and insight which arose in him on the night of his Enlightenment. This coincided with three …

    Vesak, the Thrice Sacred Day
  • ‘The Buddha’s Victory’

    A Wesak eBook Special by Bro. Ng Lid Sine for Buddhist children of all ages. Follow this link … http://dharmagarden.thisistap.com/2016/05/05/victory/ – The above has been posted on TBCM’s Facebook here .. www.facebook.com/tbcm.org.my/photos/pb.348962045182458.-2207520000.1462953353./1007542102657779/?type=3&theater – Posted by CFFong

    'The Buddha's Victory'
by Bro. Ng Lid Sine
  • How to Diminish the Effects of Bad Past Kamma

    The One day Sutta Study with Meditation Workshop : “How to Diminish the Effects of Bad Past Kamma” facilitated by Ãyasma Aggacitta, in Kelantan on 29 Apr 2016. The Workshop is being held in various Buddhist Centres in Malaysia and Singapore, commenced on 24th April 2016. Registration at many centres …

    One day Sutta Study with Meditation Workshop held in Kelantan
  • “Fly the Buddhist Flag” Campaign

    Fly the Buddhist Flag Campaign 2016 TBCM is promoting “Fly the Buddhist Flag” campaign. This Wesak 2016, let us fly the Buddhist Flag, symbolising faith, global unity and world peace from our homes from 27 April – 15 June. Let this beautiful banner flutter from the roofs and windows of …

    “Fly the Buddhist Flag” Campaign
  • Buddhist Youth Leadership Workshop

    Seck Kia Eenh, Melaka is organizing a Buddhist Youth Leadership Workshop from 3rd – 6th June 2016 (Friday – Monday). This workshop is for Buddhist Youths from the various Buddhist institutions in the country. Please refer to the program, the list of speakers and the registration form at this link …

    Buddhist Youth Leadership Workshop
  • “Great Leadership Awakening with Dhamma” [GLAD]

    A Four module inspirational leadership program for Buddhist Leaders was conducted from 12th March 2016 till 2nd April 2016. GLAD was designed and facilitated by Bro. Tan Huat Chye, who is the Partner and Principal Consultant of THC Consulting Sdn. Bhd – a Malaysian-based Organisational Development consulting outfit. GLAD, amongst …

    GLAD Graduants
  • Asked to change your religion?

    Proselytising efforts by others often hurt Buddhists due to criticism of their faith during such activities. A guidebook titled ‘Agree To Disagree: Conversations About Conversions’, gives readers prepared responses for situations in which they are asked by others to convert to another religion. The project was sponsored by two of …

    Agree to Disagree : Conversations About Conversions