Vision Mission

 A united Malaysian Theravāda Buddhist Community living in accordance with the Buddha’s Teachings. 

To propagate the Buddha’s Teachings and promote the Buddhist Way of Life


  1. To unite and promote understanding among Theravāda Buddhist organisations and followers in Malaysia through common activities and fellowship programmes.
  2. To provide information, guidance and interpretation on Theravāda doctrines and practices among Malaysian Buddhists.
  3. To make public statements and influence public opinion on issues affecting the Buddhist community in general, and the Theravāda Buddhist community in particular.
  4. To address issues of common concern for its constituent Members, including being an agency for Members to work with Federal and State governmental agencies, as well as with other non-governmental Organisations.
  5. To maintain contact and enhance cooperation with international Theravāda Buddhist Councils and bodies worldwide to propagate Theravāda Buddhist teachings, practices, arts, culture and heritage.
  6. To publish and distribute relevant printed and multi-media resources in pursuance of its objectives.
  7. To appeal for, collect and receive funds and to acquire, develop, deal with and maintain facilities and property in pursuance of its objectives.