‘Vinaya’ : The body of monastic rules and traditions

“Vinaya” is a generic name given to the code of discipline of the Buddhist Monastic Order, the rules of the monkhood. “Vinaya” literally means “leading out,” because maintenance of these rules “leads out” of unskillful actions, and, by extension, unskillful states of mind; in addition it can be said to “lead out” of the household life, and, by extension, attachment to the world.
– Source : www.budsas.org/ebud/ebdha088.htm

Bhikkhu Sangha

Bhikkhu Sangha

The Vinaya Pitaka, the first division of the Tipitaka, is the textual framework upon which the monastic community (Sangha) is built. It includes not only the rules governing the life of every Theravada bhikkhu (monk) and bhikkhuni (nun), but also a host of procedures and conventions of etiquette that support harmonious relations, both among the monastics themselves, and between the monastics and their lay supporters, upon whom they depend for all their material needs. …
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‘Understanding Vinaya’
by Ajahn Chah
Read it here … www.budsas.org/ebud/ebdha088.htm

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