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Weekly Sunday Meditation online

Venerable Olanda Ananda resumes his weekly Sunday meditations, online, from 3rd January 2021 at 7.00 pm Malaysia time (GMT +8) Join Bhante’s session via Zoom here … Bhante’s Facebook

Dhamma Day

On 26th November 2019, TBCM held a one day meditation retreat at TBCM office. The speaker was Dr Sumana Ratnayaka. He was a Senior Lecturer at the Department of Pāli and Buddhist Studies at University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka since 2002. He teaches and researches on Early Buddhism, Buddhist Philosophy …

How to Die a Good Death

  Theravada Buddhist Council of Malaysia (TBCM) is pleased to announce that Āyasmā Aggacitta has accepted our invitation to go on a Dhammaduta Tour at various Buddhist Centres in Malaysia and Singapore, from January to July 2019. The Dhammaduta Tour comprises a meaningful 2 days Sutta Study with Meditation Workshop …

Why “One Beat Slow”?

The Phenomenon of Post-Retreat Slow-Wittedness Disorder ĀYASMĀ KUMĀRA demystifies the commonly encountered phenomenon of slow thinking after an intensive meditation retreat. Besides explaining why it should be avoided and how, he also makes a case for proper use of thinking in the practice. When I was on a Dhamma tour …