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Dhamma talks by Bhante Dhammavuddho

Many of the audios and videos found in this page are the result of late Luangpor Dhammavuddho’s thousands of hours of study and practice of the Buddha’s Words found in the Sutta and Vinaya. Luangpor Dhammavuddho has enlivened these Suttas in his talks, and made the Dhamma strikingly accessible.  The …

United We Stand, Directed We Thrive

A Dhamma Talk by Ven. Aggacitta Mahāthero ‘United We Stand, Directed We Thrive’ at Sri Lanka Buddhist Temple, Sentul, KL on Sat. 20th July 2013 during Theravada Buddhist Council of Malaysia (TBCM)’s Day of Spiritual Fellowship & 2nd AGM. Click to download Dhamma Talk by Ayasma Aggacitta Mahathera – Posted …

The Way Out of SUFFERING by Late Ven Dr K Sri Dhammananda

  The Way Out of Suffering