Subang Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.

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OUR VISION: To be a friendly, caring and sharing, spiritual and community-based, Dhamma Centre.

OUR MISSION: To propagate the Buddha’s Teaching and promote the Buddhist Way of Life.

Since Subang Jaya Buddhist Association commenced its activities in August 1989, its members and devotees have worked together in magnificent teamwork to serve the Community with the following aims:
1. To propagate the study, practice and understanding of the Teachings of the Buddha.
2. To promote Buddhist cultural and educational activities.
3. To promote social welfare and charitable undertaking.
4. To promote friendship and fellowship amongst Buddhists as well as with the followers of other faiths.


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Amongst the countless activities successfully organized are as follows:
• Sunday Puja Service & Dhamma Talks
• Sunday Dhamma School
• Dhamma Courses, Meditation & Chanting Classes
• Meditation Retreats & Dhamma Camps
• Sanghikadana
• New Moon & Full Moon Day: Vegetarian Lunch & Chanting
• Community Services at Old Folks Homes, Orphanages, etc.

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• Marriage Registration
• Bereavement Support Services
• Fellowship Activities

All these activities organized by the Association are focused on providing holistic Buddhist education, spiritual development and propagation of the Buddha-Dhamma.

SJBA_Rd Bridge Opening 2One of the memorable achievements of the Association is the successful building of our present Vihara (Temple) in 1997 on a ½ acre land given by the Selangor Government. The Vihara has been well utilized over these years. However, it has insufficient space for its on-going activities. In recognition of SJBA’s exemplary contribution to the Community, the Selangor State Government approved another 5,000 sq ft of land next to the our Vihara for building extension. We plan to build a new 4-storey extension (with a basement) to house Sunday Dhamma School Classrooms, a Multi-purpose MeditationHall, a Senior Citizen Centre and a Dana Hall. With these additional facilities, SJBA aims to move to a higher level of service to the Triple Gem and to the Community.


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