Selamat Hari Kebangsaan Dan Hari Malaysia 2019

62 years of Independence, achieved peacefully with the collaborative effort of every Malaysian, is something worth celebrating. Even as we stand, shoulder to shoulder with our fellow citizens – taking each step forward, together – individually, we must remain mindful in our daily undertakings.
This includes being mindful of our thoughts, actions and emotions.

On the latter, the Buddha spoke of the Dangers of Anger in Kodhanasuttaṁ.

Kodhasammadasammatto, āyasakyaṁ nigacchati,
Ñātimittā suhajjā ca parivajjenti kodhanaṁ.

Anatthajanano kodho, kodho cittappakopano,
Bhayam-antarato jātaṁ taṁ jano nāvabujjhati.

Kuddho atthaṁ na jānāti, kuddho Dhammaṁ na passati,
Andhantamaṁ tadā hoti, yaṁ kodho sahate naraṁ.

Drunk with pride and anger, 
They will gain disrepute.
Relatives, also friends, 
Shun one who is angry.

Anger is the cause of loss,
Anger troubles the mind,
They do not understand
It arises from fear.

When angry, they know not Goodness or the Dhamma, Then, blinded by darkness, They are soon overcome.

Anger is part of our daily lives and we must learn to diffuse it before it overcomes us. By recognizing our symptoms of anger – be it a clenched fist or a raised voice – we can then remove ourselves from the situation. Reminding ourselves that anger is only an emotion that will rise and fall, we allow ourselves the time and space to let the anger dissipate. 

This Merdeka, let us honour this auspicious milestone in our nation’s history, by living with wisdom, compassion and patience. I wish everyone a very happy Merdeka!

with Metta,
Brother Tan Leng Huat,
President of the Theravada Buddhist Council