Post-MCO Dialogue

TOPIC : How ready are we?

For TBCM Member Organisations only


The country is going to slowly reopen after weeks of MCO due to COVID-19 pandemic. Everyone at a Buddhist Centre from EXCO to the security guard need to think and plan carefully so we do not endanger people because we let our guard down and believe that the COVID-19 crisis had passed. What is our preparedness for Temples/Viharas/Societies to ‘Re-Open’?

TBCM is organising a dialogue to discuss the issues and the challenges for Temples/Viharas/Societies to be truly ready. The dialogue will be facilitated by Bro Dr Punna Wong and Dd SK Lim and moderated by Dd KC Tan. The session will be held on Monday, May 25, 2020 at 10.00am to 11.30am via Zoom meeting.

The dialogue is opened to all member organisations of TBCM. Due to the limited number of login quota, each centre is encouraged to nominate 2 participants to join the session. You may contact Sis Julie Tan or Dd Cheah HN for registration.

We look forward to meeting you virtually on Monday for a fruitful engagement.


Bro Dr Punna Wong

Currently, an Associate Professor of Internal Medicine at Monash University Malaysia. He is an active Dhamma speaker and was invited to speak at the 3rd, 7th and 8th Global Conferences on Buddhism.

He was awarded the 2017 Nalanda Award for Dhammaduta work.



Dd Ir SK LIM is a Professional Civil & Structural Engineer. He has 37 years of engineering practice and currently owns an engineering consultant firm. He is an Exco member in Metta Lodge, Johor Bahru in charge of building management.


Centres in Klang Valley (Selangor and Wilayah),
kindly contact Sis Julie Tan +6016  2702120 via WhatsApp. 

Centres outside the Klang Valley,
kindly contact Dd Cheah HN +6017  6677811 via WhatsApp 

For registration, we will  need the following information for verification to  allow access  into the meeting room.  

1) Name 2) Contact 3) Society  4) Position 

Deadline for registration
is Sunday, May 24th, 6.00pm

The login information will be released upon registration.


Organised by:


  1. For computer, download Zoom Apps from and for mobile phone, download from PlayStore or AppStore
  2. Install and create an account 
  3. Test video and audio before meeting commence
  4. Do step 1-3 before attending session
  5. Click on the invitation link to start the Zoom meeting

For more details, please contact:

  • Dd Cheah HN    +6017  6677811
  • Sis Julie Tan       +6016  2702120