MOD Sing-Along Series 2- Praise

MOD Sing-Along Series 2- Praise
MOD Sing-Along CD – Vesak Praise

We sing praises to the Buddha in honour of His esteemed qualities and achievements. For eons and countless lives, the Buddha strived diligently towards perfection by distancing Himself from unworthy deeds and instead performed good deeds. He developed His mind through meditation till He was predicted by the Buddha Dipankara that, one day, He too will become a Buddha.

We sing songs of praise to recall the great qualities of the Buddha so we may be like him. As we raise our voices clear and loud, let us fill our hearts and minds with happiness, bearing in mind His boundless love and sublime compassion. The Buddha pointed out the cause of our problems and went a step further by sharing with us how we could ultimately eradicate this cause and lead a happy life.

This album’s songs arrangement reflects the current contemporary music of the modern world without changing the essences of the lyrics and tune. We hope you find these songs inspirational and uplifting as we sing praises to honour our Guide, the Buddha.

May the seed of Buddhahood sprout in the hearts of every beings and bloom in the full glory of Enlightenment.

01 Lets sing the Praises
02 Song of Peace
03 When we see the Golden Sun
04 The Blessed Refuges
05 Lord within thy holy doctrine
06 the Sunrise comes
07 the Essence of the doctrine
08 Buddhist doxology
09 His love it image
10 Homage to BUDDHA
11 In Praise of Thee
12 Ancient path
Vesak, the Thrice Sacred Day
13 Lets sing the Praises M1
14 Song of Peace M1
15 When we see the Golden Sun M1
16 The Blessed Refuges M1
17 Lord within thy holy doctrine M1
18 the Sunrise comes M1
19 the Essence of the doctrine M1
20 Buddhist doxology M1
21 His loveit image M1
22 Homage to BUDDHA M1
23 In Praise of Thee M1
24 Ancient path M1