MOD Sing-Along Series 1 – Vesak

The full moon day of Vesak month – the holiest day in Buddhist calendar commemorates the birth, enlightenment and passing away of the historical Gautama Buddha.

This album’s songs arrangement reflects the contemporary nature of the modern world without changing the joyous or sublime essences of the lyrics. We hope that you will find these songs inspirational and uplifting as we welcome this holy tri-sacred Vesak Day.

01 Hail glorious day
02 Holy day of Wesak
03 Wesak Dawn
04 The Bodhi Day
05 Softly blew the breezes
06 Light of Asia
07 Lord Buddha found the truth
08 Thoughts
09 Wesak Day
10 Flower of Mankind
11 Day of glory
12 Welcome joyous Wesak
13 Hail glorious day M1
14 Holy day of Wesak M1
15 Wesak dawn M1
16 The Bodhi Day M1
17 Softly blew the breezes M1
18 Light of Asia M1
19 Lord Buddha found the truth M1
20 Thoughts M1
21 Wesak Day M1
22 Flower of Mankind M1
23 Day of glory M1