Happy E Vesak at TBCM

Celebrate Vesak 2020 while maintaining social distancing –

Join us online

Our e-Vesak celebrations will take place on 7 May 2020 from 9am onwards.

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Program Highlight
9am to 11.30am Live
Raise the Buddhist Flag
Vesak Puja
Buddhist Hymns – Live from BGF
Messages from Ven Monks and Buddhist Leaders around Malaysia
Buddhist Artifacts – Gandhara Arts by Brahma Vihara
Virtual tour on the 4 Main Buddhist Pilgrimage sites
Closing Blessing by Ven Saranankara
Vesak2020 Dhamma talk by Bhikkhu Bodhi
Click image to view Vesak chanting lead by Ven Dr Dhammapala from Brahmavihara Melaka