Happy Buddha Day

He who reveres those worthy of reverence, the Buddhas and their disciples, who have transcended all obstacles and passed beyond the reach of sorrow and lamentation.

He who reveres such peaceful and fearless ones,
his merit none can compute by any measure.

Pūjārahe pūjayato buddhe yadi va sāvake
Papañca samatikkante tiṇṇasokapariddave.

Te tādise pūjayato nibbute akutobhaye
Na sakkā puññaṃ saṅkhātuṃ imettamapi kenaci.

– Dhammapada Verses 195 & 196

Thrice Sacred Day

Thrice Sacred Day

In the month of Vesākha,
a. the Bodhisatta was Born ,
b. the Bodhisatta Awakened to become the Buddha, and
c. the Buddha attained Mahāparinibbāna.

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The Significance of Vesak – Buddha Day


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