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Seck Kia Eenh, 

57, Jalan Gajah Berang75200 Melaka 

Cordinator: Bro Cedric Handphone: 017-8834374

Publications/CDs available



Buddhism as a Religion by Ven K Sri Dhammananda

How to practise Buddhism by Ven K Sri Dhammananda

Mindfulness on Breathing by Acharya Upul Gamage

The Buddhist Child Series 1,2,3 by Ven K. Khemarama

How to overcome your difficulties by Ven K Sri Dhammananda




Talks on Meditation by Acharya Godwin Samararatne

How to practise Buddhism by Ven K. Sri Dhammananda






MP3- Rebirth – Truth or Myth? By Ven Dr Punnaji and Mr Vijaya Samarawickrama

MP3- Dhamma Talks by Ven S. Pemaratana

MP3- Dhamma Talks Volume 2 by Ven Bhikkhuni Bodhicitta

MP3- Talks by Acharya Upul Gamage

MP3- Dhamma Talks by Ven Dr K. Dhammadinna

MP3- Forum on “Are Buddhists Terrorists?” by Datuk Dr Victor Wee, Mr Benny Liow,

         Mr Lee Yu Ban, Mr A K Nelson Sammie

MP3- Inter-Relgious Forum

CD- Heaven is Not My Goal by Mr Rob Moulton

CD- How to overcome Stress in Daily Life by Datuk Charlie Chia

VCD- Overcoming Anger by Ven Sujata

DVD- The Awesome Power of Service bAjahn Brahmavamso




MP3- Dhamma Talks by Ven Suvanno






Updated May 2015