Don’t worry, BE HAPPY

Don’t worry, BE HAPPY by Ven Dr K Sri Dhammananda

dr k sri dhammananda dhamma talk on dont worry be happy

dr k sri dhammananda dhamma talk on dont worry be happy

Dhamma talk be late chief of Malaysia Ven Dr K Sri Dhammananda on worries and miseries. Recorded for the 4th Wesak celebration on 29 April 1995.

Many people just worry by thinking about their future. If they have learned to adjust themselves according to the circumstances of their daily life, there is no reason for them to be worried. Whatever castles they may build in the air, whatever dreams they may have in their mind, they must remember that they are living in this world of constant changes.

We must cultivate our minds and hearts to forget about self and to be of service and use to humanity. This is one of the means whereby we can find real peace and happiness.

The secret of happy, successful living lies in doing what needs to be done now, and not worry about the past and the future. We cannot go back into the past and reshape it nor can we anticipate everything that may happen in the future. There is but one moment of time over which we have some conscious control and that is the present.