Dhamma and Vinaya : Your Guide to What the Buddha Taught

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Siyā kho panānanda tumhākaṃ evamassa, atītasatthukaṃ pāvacanaṃ, natthi no satthāti. Na kho panetaṃ ānanda evaṃ daṭṭhabbaṃ. Yo kho ānanda mayā dhammo ca vinayo ca desito paññatto so vo mamaccayena satthā ti.

Now the Blessed One spoke to the Venerable Ananda, saying: “It may be, Ananda, that to some among you the thought will come: ‘Ended is the word of the Master; we have a Master no longer.’ But it should not, Ananda, be so considered. For that which I have proclaimed and made known as the Dhamma and the Discipline, that shall be your Master when I am gone.
– DN 16 Maha-parinibbana Sutta  … Read the Sutta here … www.accesstoinsight.org/tipitaka/dn/dn.16.1-6.vaji.html


Why should I read the Suttas?

They are the primary source of Theravada Buddhist teachings.   :  If you’re interested in exploring the teachings of Theravada Buddhism, then the Pali canon — and the suttas it contains — is the place to turn for authoritative advice and support.

They present a complete body of teachings.   :  The teachings in the suttas, taken in their entirety, present a complete roadmap guiding the follower from his or her current state of spiritual maturity onwards toward the final goal….

They present a self-consistent body of teachings.   :  The teachings in the Canon are largely self-consistent, characterized by a single taste [Ud 5.5] — that of liberation….

They offer lots of practical advice.   :  In the suttas you’ll find a wealth of practical advice on a host of relevant real-world topics …


The complete set of Pāli Tipitaka in Roman Script published by the Dhamma Society of Thailand under Royal Patronage is accessible to the public at Nalanda Library.

They can bolster your confidence in the Buddha’s teachings.   :  As you explore the suttas you’ll come across things that you already know to be true from your own experience. …

They can support and energize your meditation practice.   :  When you read in the suttas about other people’s meditation experiences, you may begin to get a feel for what you have already accomplished in your own practice, and what still remains to be done….

Reading them is just plain good for you.   :  The instructions contained in the suttas are entirely of a wholesome nature, and are all about the development of skillful qualities such as generosity, virtue, patience, concentration, mindfulness, and so on….

Bodhgaya’s famous Mahabodhi Temple – the place where Buddha attained Enlightenment.

Bodhgaya’s famous Mahabodhi Temple – the place where Buddha attained Enlightenment.

‘A Guide to ‘Befriending the Suttas’ here … www.accesstoinsight.org/lib/authors/bullitt/befriending.html#why .

‘Other Online Buddhist Resources’ here … www.tbcm.org.my/other-online-buddhist-resources/

‘History of Buddhism – Pāli Canonical Rehearsals’ here … www.tbcm.org.my/history-of-buddhism-pali-canonical-rehearsals/

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