COVID-19 PPE Donation fund close

Our Dear Kind Donors,

A big Sadhu and thank you to all of you. We salute you for standing up for our Healthcare frontliners at Hospital Kuala Lumpur (HKL) and other Hospitals in the country, who are out there battling the Covid-19 medical challenges, giving their best services.

Our Covid-19 PPE Donation Fund has crossed the targeted goal to raise RM 44,000 to produce 10,000 Head covers and 20,000 Leg covers. We would like to announce that the Fund Raising exercise shall stop and any surplus of funds will be channelled to produce more PPEs until the funds are exhausted. We also applaud the volunteers from the K Sri Dhammananda Institute who has worked closely with us to coordinate this project. 

We are humbled by your exemplary Compassion in Action which gave us so much encouragement and morale support to continue this Project. Let us assure you that we are continually supplying the PPE to the HKL team who are ever grateful for receiving them. As you are aware, the PPEs are hard to come by and Hospitals are in dire need of these materials. 

Our thanks to all the donors, Buddhist Societies, friends who have forwarded and promoted this donation drive and many others who have come forward to donate voluntarily.  Let us pray that we shall overcome this current challenge together. 

May you be well, safe and happy always.

May you always be protected by the Noble Triple Gem and Guardian Devas.

May you always be protected by your good merits; past, present and future.

Sadhu Sadhu Sadhu