Are Buddhists Idol Worshippers

What are Buddha Images ( Buddharūpa ) to Buddhists?
Are Buddhists Idol Worshippers?

are buddhist idol worshipers

‘… Buddhists revere the image of the Buddha as a gesture to the greatest, wisest, most benevolent, compassionate and holy man who has ever lived in this world. ….’

‘The image is a visual aid that helps one to recall the Buddha in the mind and to remember His great qualities which inspired millions of people from generation to generation throughout the civilized world. Buddhists use the statue as a symbol and as an object of concentration to gain a peace of mind. When Buddhists look upon the image of the Buddha, they put aside thoughts of strife and think only of peace, serenity, calmness and tranquillity. The statue enables the mind to recall this great man and inspires devotees to follow His example and instructions. In their mind, the devout Buddhists feel the living presence of the Master. This feeling makes their act of worship become vivid and significant. The serenity of the Buddha image influences and inspires them to observe the right path of conduct and thought.’

Read Ven. Dr. K Sri Dhammananda’s  ‘Are Buddhists Idol Worshippers?’

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