All Seek Blessings All Seek Happiness … but where & how?

All Seek Blessings
All Seek Happiness
… but where & how?

Buddha teaching

Buddha teaching

Health is the most precious gain and contentment the greatest wealth. A trustworthy person is the best kinsman, Nibbana the highest bliss.

Ārogyaparamā lābhā santuṭṭhiparamaṃ dhanaṃ
Vissāsaparamā ñātī nibbāṇaparamaṃ sukhaṃ.

– Dhammapada Verse 204

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How do we start on the Journey to Blessings and Happiness?
The Buddha’s Teaching is often known as the Gradual Training.
Checkout these 38 Blessings in the Mangala Sutta Sn 2.4 …

The Path leading onward ...

The Path leading onward …

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Blessings and Happiness need not only be when you visit a Buddhist Centre, but every moment wherever you are … surrounded by Good Friends (Kalyana Mitta) …

The Practice is important –
Let a man be watchful of speech, well controlled in mind, and not commit evil in bodily action. Let him purify these three courses of action, and win the path made known by the Great Sage.

Vācānurakkhī manasā susaṃvuto
Kāyena ca akusalaṃ na kayirā
Ete tayo kammapathe visodhaye
Ārādhaye maggaṃ isippaveditaṃ.

– Dhammapada Verse 281

Your Friends are important too –
“These four, young householder, should be understood as warm-hearted friends:

(1) he who is a helpmate,
(2) he who is the same in happiness and sorrow,
(3) he who gives good counsel,
(4) he who sympathises.

– Sigalovada Sutta DN31

Sutta Discussion amongst Friends

Sutta Discussion amongst Friends

“… Ananda. … Admirable friendship, admirable companionship, admirable camaraderie is actually the whole of the holy life. When a monk has admirable people as friends, companions, & comrades, he can be expected to develop & pursue the noble eightfold path.”

– Upaddha Sutta SN 45.2

Have a Meaningful & Blessed Vesākha month
with Practice & supported by Good Friends.

– Compiled & Posted by CFFong