‘Chap Goh Meh’ (Hokkien for the “15th night” of the Lunar New Year)

What is to be done?

The Lunar New Year celebrations commenced on 8th Feb 2016, with the coming together of friends and relations to ..
– renew of the Bonds of Fellowship, and
– showing our Gratitude to our parents and loved ones.

 'Chap Goh Meh'

‘Chap Goh Meh’

On the 15th day of the Lunar New Year, communities make preparations to celebrate ‘Chap Goh Meh’ (Hokkien for the “15th night”) signifying the last day of the Lunar New Year festivities.
– More about ‘Chap Goh Meh’ here … www.thestar.com.my/metro/focus/2015/03/05/final-day-of-festivities-chap-goh-meh-takes-on-a-more-carnivallike-air-in-21st-century/

For Buddhists, we are reminded on the need to renew our efforts to practice the Buddha’s teachings in the coming year,
– for our welfare, and by doing so, showing others the way,
– for the good of the many,
– for the happiness of the many,
– out of compassion for the world,
– for the benefit, for the good, for the happiness of gods and men.

Ajahn Chah in his ‘A Still Forest Pool’ wrote ..

‘Trust Your Heart

In the practice of Dharma, there are many methods; if you know their point, they will not lead you astray. However, if you are a practitioner who does not properly respect virtue and a collected mind, you will not succeed, because you are bypassing the Path followed by the great forest masters of the past. Do not disregard these basics. If you wish to practice, you should establish virtue, concentration, and wisdom in your mind and aspire to the Three Gems-Buddha, Dharma, and Sangha. Stop all activity, be an honest person, and go to it. Although various things deceive you time after time, if you are aware of them, you will eventually be able to drop them. The same old person comes telling the same old lies; if you know it, you need not believe him. But it takes a long time before you know; our habits are ever striving to deceive.

When I had been practicing for only two or three years, I still could not trust myself. But after I had experienced much, I learned to trust my own heart. When you have this deep understanding, whatever occurs, you can let it occur, and all things will pass on and be quelled. You will reach a point where the heart tells itself what to do; it is constantly prodding, constantly mindful. Your only concern need be to continue contemplating.

Why Do You Practice?

A group of travelers came to visit Achaan Chah with three elegant questions: Why do you practice? How do you practice? What is the result of your practice? They were sent as a delegation by a European religious organization to ask these questions to a series of great masters throughout Asia.

Achaan Chah closed his eyes, waited, and then answered with three questions of his own: Why do you eat? How do you eat? How do you feel after you have eaten well? Then he laughed.

Later, he explained that we already understand and that teaching has to direct students back to their own inner wisdom, to their own natural Dharma. Therefore, he had reflected the search of these men throughout Asia back to the greater search within.

Let the Tree Grow

The Buddha taught that with things that come about of their own, once you have done your work, you can leave the results to nature, to the power of your accumulated karma. Yet your exertion of effort should not cease. Whether the fruit of wisdom comes quickly or slowly, you cannot force it, just as you cannot force the growth of a tree you have planted. The tree has its own pace. Your job is to dig a hole, water and fertilize it, and protect it from insects. That much is your affair, a matter of faith. But the way the tree grows is up to the tree. If you practice like this, you can be sure all will be well, and your plant will grow.

Thus, you must understand the difference between your work and the plant’s work. Leave the plant’s business to the plant, and be responsible for your own. If the mind does not know what it needs to do, it will try to force the plant to grow and flower and give fruit in one day. This is wrong view, a major cause of suffering. Just practice in the right direction and leave the rest to your karma. Then, whether it takes one or one hundred or one thousand lifetimes, your practice will be at peace. .. ‘

– Source : www.dhammatalks.net/Books2/Ajahn_Chah_A_Still_Forest_Pool.htm#Correcting Our Views

– Bonds of Fellowship ..

– Gratitude ..

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